A Wolf goes hunting – Part 4

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Chapter 4

As Cammy’s story progressed and the horrors that had been heaped upon her piled up, Wolf held her tighter and gently stroked her silky skin as his heart raged and his blood boiled.It was everything he could do to keep from getting up and dressing and going and finding the scum that had done these things to His Cammy and end him in the most bloody and painful way possible.And then he heard the thing that turned his rage into cold flame….her step-fathers name was Kevin.

A name from out of the past, a former rival that had disappeared to who knows where.He wouldn’t have been a rival for the attentions of his first submissive if it had been nothing more than just the time at that party so long ago, there had been other instances in the first few years where he tried to take Katie from Wolf but his interest had finally waned when Katie became pregnant with their first child.There had been a point in time when there were almost daily intrusions of Kevin in their life together and he would take his fury at Kevin out on Katie during their love making, bringing her to numerous screaming orgasms each time, and now Kevin was back in his life.

As she finished the story of her life, he pulled her up to him, her legs straddling his body as his lips found hers, his hands sliding down and cupping her tight little ass as his tongue slid into her mouth, her fingers twining in his hair as their kiss became more passionate.She moaned into his mouth as he ground himself against her, holding her ass tightly as the head of his cock nudged against the lips of her pussy, his cock getting harder and longer until the tip was firmly in her opening.Cammy began to wriggle her hips as she lay on Wolf until she felt the entire head of his cock pop through her opening, a moan rising from deep inside her and spilling from her lips as his tongue probed deeper into her mouth.While still grasping her ass tightly, he slowly started to force her down onto his immense cock until he bottomed out inside her, his cock stretching her completely, soft whimpers of pleasure issuing from her as she began to twerk herself on him.

Quickly the pressure began to build in her needy little pussy and slipping back into her submissive ways as her mind started to fog with the familiar pleasure of her building orgasm, she broke the kiss and moaned out, “Please Wolf…may I cum? Please, please may I cum Daddy?”

His cock lurched inside her as he heard her words.“Daddy?” he thought to himself, never in all the time he’d been a Dominant, had a sub ever called him daddy, not even Katie during any of their more passionate sessions had ever called him that and it made him even more aroused then he was before as he began to thrust up into her, his hands moving to her hips for greater leverage.

“No pet, you may NOT cum yet.” He growled at her as he flexed his powerful muscle inside her, causing her to squeal on top of him and she began to beg him repeatedly for release, unsure if she could keep from cumming on top of him as the sensations in her pussy became even more intense.

Her pussy clenching and spasming constantly as she fought against cumming, she began to plead, her eyes screwed tightly shut, “Daddy…Daddy…Daddy…please may I CUM!” she screeched.

“Look at me pet!” he commanded, forcing her to open her eyes and stare deep into his intense eyes.Once her eyes had locked with his, he groaned out as his cock explode into her, the first rope of cum hitting her cervix, “Cum for me Cammy!”

Her world EXPLODED!Hearing him give her permission to release caused her body to shake and spasm on top of him, her arms and legs twitching and shaking uncontrollably, white light exploding in her brain as her body shuddered as she lost all control, surrendering her freedom, life and desires to Him as his beautiful cock filled her with his seed, her cervix drinking deeply and filling her womb with his gift.He held her tight against him,her body still orgasming as he pushed even deeper into her until gradually, her shuddering ceased and she lay comfortably on top of him exhausted, her head pillowed on his chest, hands softly stroking up and down her back as their breathing returned to normal and his cock slowly softened inside her.Softly, she whimpered as his now flaccid cock slipped out of her and slapped wetly against his thigh, coated in their combined fluids and his fingers slowly explored the scars left behind by the whips and belts Kevin had used on her over the years to punish her and fulfill his sick desires.

Slowly, through the haze of his pleasure, rage started to fill him, his heart beating harder and faster in his chest as his mind began to concoct plans to permanently remove Kevin from Cammy’s life, right the wrongs done to her and avenge the murder of her mother.As Cammy’s ear pressed against his chest, she heard the change in his heartbeat and then could hear as a low, rumbling growl began to start vibrating in his chest.She lifted her head and looked at his face, his eyes narrowed to feral little slits as his lip curled, exposing the fangs in the right side of his mouth, his eyes unfocused as he stared off into space.Carefully, she reached up and stroked his cheek causing him to jerk away from her touch at first but she persisted and kept stroking his face to calm him, surmising he was thinking about her stepfather and ways to take her away from him.Slowly he started to calm and began nuzzling his cheek into her palm as she slid up his body and softly kissed his lips, his fingers flexing and digging softly into her back.Slowly, she broke her lips away from his with a soft sigh of contentment until her empty tummy growled and alerted both to their lack of food this morning.

Chuckling softly, he gently rolled her off him and stood, going to the bag of food and the coffees that lay forgotten on the small dining table and started pulling out the bagel breakfast sandwiches that he’d gotten across the street.Not knowing how many she’d eat, he had gotten each of them three and also creamer and sugars for the coffees, both of which were now stone cold, so turning to the microwave in the room, he popped both cups in and nuked them for a few minutes.Cammy watched him from her spot on the bed and when he waved her over, she timidly climbed off the bed and went over to him, where he ushered her to the chair by the door then got the coffee from the micro, both now steaming and set one in front of her.Removing the top carefully from the “to go” cup, she wrinkled her nose slightly at the smell of the coffee, having never been allowed to have it before by her stepfather or mother and she looked a little helplessly at Wolf, wondering what to do with it.Tentatively, she took a sip of the hot liquid then scrunched up her face in displeasure as Wolf burst into laughter at the face she made.

“Haven’t you ever had coffee before baby girl?” He asked as he saw the look of embarrassment cross her face, to which she replied in her little girl voice, “No Daddy, mommy and Kevin never let me drink it before.” As she shrugged slightly.

Now it was his turn to be embarrassed, thinking it was only natural to think she’d be a little more worldly since he did meet her in a bar after all.To make up for his assumption, he poured a couple of creamers in her coffee and several packets of sugar then stirred it for her and coaxed her to try it again.After taking a tentative sip, her eyes opened a little wider than they had been in surprise at how sweet and creamy it now tasted compared to the bitterness of her first taste.There was still a slight undertone of that bitterness but it melded perfectly with the other flavors and they were perfect together.She took another sip before setting the cup down and picked up one of the wrapped breakfast sandwiches, and upon opening it found another thing she was unfamiliar with.Eggs, bacon and cheese she had before but where she thought there would be toast was a weird looking, circular like “bun” with a hole in the center of it.

“What is this Daddy?” Cammy asked in her sweet little voice as she took a small nibble of it, watching him with her big, beautiful eyes.

“It’s a breakfast bagel, baby girl.Egg, bacon and cheese on a toasted bagel with melted butter spread on the bagel to keep it moist.Do you like it?” He said as she took a bigger bite of the sandwich and nodded before devouring the sandwich like she hadn’t eaten for days.Thinking about it logically, he thought it could be entirely possible she hadn’t eaten for days considering the story he told her about her enslavement as he thoughtfully ate his breakfast and drank his coffee.At least she seemed to like what he chose for them as she started to tear into the second sandwich and thought it was probably good he had bought her three.The way she was eating, he might have to surrender one of his to sate her hunger if it had been too long since her last meal and it probably had been considering how easily he could see her ribs on her waiflike figure.


“When was the last time you ate baby girl?” he asked her softly as he watched her scrunch up her nose, thinking she did that at his question until she looked at him timidly and asked him in a small, scared voice, “Daddy, can you call me something else.Kevin always called me “baby girl” and when you do it, it makes me think of him.”

As if a lightbulb turned on over his head, he understood perfectly why her nose had scrunched up and he replied, “Of course I can do that.I can call you whatever pet name you want ba….Cammy.” He corrected himself barely in time.

Smiling softly now, the scared look on her face gone, she thought for a minute and whispered, “Would it be okay to be your “kitten”, Daddy?”

Smiling broadly at her and showing her his teeth, he said, “I think that’s perfect kitten.”Cammy smiled happily as she squirmed in her seat and nibble her last sandwich and drank her coffee as her new Daddy finished his own breakfast, watching her intently.“There is a small matter we have to deal with though…” he said as he crumpled up the paper wrappers from his meal.

“Oh? What’s that Daddy?” she whispered, suddenly scared again that she had disappointed him somehow.

Smiling at her sheepishly, he shrugged and said, “Your clothes…we need to get you some more.I kinda destroyed what you were wearing last night when we got here to the room…”










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